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Freedom For Your Life – Flood the World (2012)

Publicado el 21 agosto, 2012 por LiveNuMetal

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Artista: Freedom For Your Life
Álbum: Flood The World
Año: 2012
Género: Post hardcore – Metalcore
País: South Africa
Twitter: @FFYLofficial

A 5 piece post hardcore/metalcore band from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Flood the World isn’t about unnecessary breakdowns, nor is it written solely for the windmill-dancing aficionados in the it; it’s about evolving and moving forward. There are numerous atmospheric passages and progressive shifts, as Freedom For Your Life step outside of the generic confines of metalcore/post-hardcore. Nifty changeovers and time signature play ensure that you’ll be revisiting a track, such as ‘Cowboys,’ regularly to pick up something different every time. The songs also have their own unique characteristics and quirks, and you’ll find something different in each passing track to fall in love with, But, perhaps most important of all, instead of asking who FFYL sound like, you’re left knowing exactly who FFYL are.



1. Cowboys
2. Flood The World
3. Reflections
4. Time As A Burden
5. Truth Behind His Story


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  • estos putos jodieron el link,¿podrias repetirlo atra vez ?,por que pintan buenos en el video.gracias.

    Comentario de malaputa — 21 agosto, 2012

  • resubir por favor

    Comentario de rideckyou — 22 agosto, 2012


    Comentario de Freedom For Your Life — 22 agosto, 2012

  • Nuevo Link. Gracias a la banda.

    Comentario de Coby — 23 agosto, 2012


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