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I am ghost – Those we leave behind (2008)

Publicado el 6 enero, 2010 por LiveNuMetal

1- Intro
2- Wake up
3- Those we leave behind
4- Buried way too shallow
5- Bone garden
6- Saddest story never told
7- smile of a jesus freak
8- So i guess this is goodbye
9- Interlude remember this face baby
10- Burn the bodies to the ground
11- Rock´n´roll high school murder
12- Make me believe this is real
13- They always come back
14- Set me free


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Buried in Verona – Circle the dead (2008)

Publicado el 6 enero, 2010 por LiveNuMetal

Bueno esta banda es muy buena, es como metalcore progresivo…

1- Five bullet russian roulette
2- All for nothing
3-Colonel mustard in the conservato
4- Can i borrow a feeling
5- Taken to the light
6- Dirt nap
7-Face of tragedy
8- Circle the dead
9- Dont call my baby
10- For darker days
11- No time to die

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