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Clawfinger – Deafer Dumber Blinder (2014)

Publicado el 11 marzo, 2014 por Nu-Adn

Banda/Artista: Clawfinger
Álbum: Deafer Dumber Blinder
Año: 2014
Género: Rap-Metal
País: Suecia

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CD 1:  The Best Of Demos

1. PMRC (1992 Demo)
2. Money Is (1992 Demo)
3. If You Don’t Know Me (1995 Demo)
4. Tell Me What You Want From Me (1996 Demo)
5. You Gave Me Something To Think About (1997 Demo)
6. Here We Go Again (1997 Demo)
7. The Choice Is Yours (1997 Demo)
8. Master Of Celebrity (1997 Demo)
9. I Don’t Know (1997 Demo)
10. Ain’t No Turning Back (1997 Demo)
11. Are You Man Enough (1997 Demo)
12. Fear Itself (1998 Demo)
13. Take What You Can Get (1999 Demo)
14. In A Mad World (1999 Demo)
15. My Dirty Mind (1999 Demo)
16. When Everything Crumbles (2002 Alt. Demo)
17. Still Don’t Know (2002 Demo)
18. Turn It Off (2005 Demo)
19. All The Way (2006 Demo)
20. Back To The Basics (1993 Unreleased Track)

CD 2: The Best of B-Sides

1. Get It
2. Profit Preacher
3. Stars & Stripes
4. Love
5. Better Than This
6. Three Good Riffs
7. Armageddon Down
8. RealiTV
9. Runnerboy
10. Eat The Hand That Feeds Me
11. Braindead
12. Megalomania
13. I Love To Hate Myself
14. Are You Talking To Me
15. Where Are You Now
16. Point Of No Return
17. All My Greatest Fears

CD 3: Deaf Dumb Blind

2.The Truth
4.Don’t Get Me Wrong
5.I Need You
6.Catch Me
8.Wonderful World
9.Sad to See Your Sorrow
10.I Don’t Care

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Clawfinger – Life will kill you (2007)

Publicado el 16 febrero, 2011 por Oterman

Banda: Clawfinger
Album: Life Will Kill You
Año: 2007
Pais: Suecia
Ultimo album hasta el momento de esta fantastica banda, que ahora estan re-grabando su primer album de nuevo.
2 Life Will Kill You
4 Final Stand
5 None the Wiser
6 Little Baby
7 The Cure & The Poison
8 Where Can We Go From Here?
9 It’s Your Life
10 Falling
11 Carnivore
12 Dying to Know (Bonus Track)
13 Picture Perfect Skies(Bonus Track)
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Clawfinger – Zeros & heroes (2003)

Publicado el 10 julio, 2008 por LiveNuMetal

1. Zeros & Heroes
2. Recipe For Hate
3. When Everything Crumbles
4. 15 Minutes Of Fame
5. World Domination
6. Bitch
7. Four Letter Word
8. Money Power Glory
9. Kick It
10. Live Like A Man
11. Step Aside
12. Blame
13. Clawfinger (Hidden track)

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Clawfinger – Use your brain (1995)

Publicado el 10 julio, 2008 por LiveNuMetal


1. Power
2. Pay The Bill
3. Pin Me Down
4. Waste My Time
5. Die High
6. It
7. Do What I Say
8. Undone
9. What Are You Afraid Of?
10. Back To The Basics
11. Easy Way Out
12. Tomorrow


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Clawfinger – Hate yourself with style (2005)

Publicado el 10 julio, 2008 por LiveNuMetal

1.The Faggot In You
2.Hate Yourself With Style
3.Dirty Lies
4.The Best & The Worst
5.Breakout (Embrace The Child Inside You)
6.Right To Rape
7.What We’ve Got Is What You’re Getting
8.Sick Of Myself
10.Without A Case
11.God Is Dead


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Clawfinger – Clawfinger (1999)

Publicado el 10 julio, 2008 por LiveNuMetal


1.Two Sides
2.Hold Your Head Up
3.Biggest & The Best
5.Don’t Wake Me Up
6.Not Even You
7.Nobody Knows
8.I Can See Them Coming
9.Wrong State of Mind
10.I’m Your Life & Religion
12.I Guess I’ll Never Know

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Clawfinger – A Whole Lot Of Nothing (Edición limitada 2001)

Publicado el 23 junio, 2008 por LiveNuMetal

1.Two Steps Away
2.Out To Get Me
3.Nothing Going On
4.Are You Man Enough
7.Don’t Look At Me
8.Simon Says
9.Burn In Hell
10.I Close My Eyes
14.Manic Depression
15.Fake A Friend

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