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Blind Charge (EP)

Publicado el 4 agosto, 2009 por LiveNuMetal

Disco que me mandaron y me escribieron los siguente haber quien le entiende

The best way to describe Blind Charge is that they are an intense dose of explosive energy with pure adrenaline overdrive, add in some truly beautiful melodies and you have a band to be reckoned with. Their live performances are filled with intense, aggressive rock/alternative songs! This foursome was formed in Porto, Portugal in 2002 and is comprised of Pedro Ferraz(vocals), Telmo Martins(guitar), Marcio Pereira(bass) and Daniel Ferreira(drums). All four men bring a wide range of varied musical tastes to the band. Blind Charge music can be found and obtained via the web from Poison Tree Records in LA, California. If you want your ears to be assaulted by amazing rock, then come aboard and let Blind Charge blindside your senses.

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